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Megan and Jo Engagement

I do a lot of giveaways and I do them often. I love to make sure everyone has a fair chance to dress up and have nice images of themselves. Thats exactly how I met Megan and Jo. They were so much fun to work with! We headed out to Grand Rapids and found one of my favorite things. THE SUN! It was one of the only sunny days I've seen since winter hit and I'm so glad the sun came out to shine on this couple. I just loved the way it made the ice on the ground sparkle. They were making jokes and laughing. It made my time with them so much more fun. They are getting married this August! Wow. Megan even brought along the cutest "I love you" mugs. How adorable, right?!?

I hope you both have an amazing wedding day and have many wonderful years ahead.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.