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What to Wear | Engagement Session

Wedding season is about to start! Is anyone else super excited for sunshine and wedding dresses?! I have some super exciting news and that is...*drum roll*

I'm moving to south Florida! Whoo-hoo!

With that being said, I get to experience a whole new set of brides and a brand new style. I have a few more engagement sessions left before I move and I want to make sure you feel confident in your photos. This post will hopefully guide you in the right direction to help you feel your best, feel prepared and camera-ready for your engagement session with Kiste Photography.

This doesn't mean to match. Everyones seen the family who all wears the same color. I'm even in some of those family pictures! Its pretty painful to look at. Instead of matching colors, think of colors that compliment each other. My absolute favorite combos are blue & pink and white & blue. Lighter colors always look the best on camera.

After you've looked at your closet and have a few different options, think about what makes you comfortable and confident. I want you to feel your very best! The better you feel in your clothing, the better your images will be.

Florida is a hard state to layer up but there are so many ways to add that extra something to outfits. Try adding a statement necklace, a scarf, or a light cardigan with a different texture. Men, try wearing a watch or hat. Those little extra touches make a huge difference!

Lets say you've chosen several outfits that you may like but haven't finalized one. Bring them all! I'd love to have you change so you have more variety in choosing what outfit you think you look best in. I will always offer my professional opinion but you are the ultimate choice on what to wear. Might as well try a few different options! My favorite is when you choose a casual outfit and a dressy one.

Make a day of your session! Go out and get your hair and makeup professionally done. An engagement session is a great way to test out how you are in front of the camera so might as well try out your makeup and hair too. Ask your wedding day stylist for a trial run of the big day. Getting dressed up for your photos can make you feel like a celebrity for the day!It will make your images feel so special to you knowing you spent so much effort into them. If doing this isn't in your budget, try wearing makeup a little heavier than normal. It will show up amazing on the camera!