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Should you have an unplugged wedding?

Upon discussion with a few of my concerned brides, I get asked one question quite often. Should I have an unplugged wedding? At the time, it seemed like a difficult question to answer but I'd love to share a few thoughts I had about it.

It feels like everyone has their phones on them at every second of everyday. Can you blame them? Everything you ever need it on there. You become connected to the world by something that weighs less than a pound. People post on social when they want to share something they like. I share things all the time. Almost every day.

From a guests point of view, they are excited to be at your wedding. They want to share your happiness. Isn't that why you invited them? Some couples even go as far as to have their own hashtag. Some are super creative so if you're one of those couples, let me know yours below! I love the pun ones.

Sometimes they share so others can see because professional wedding pictures end up never being shared. I love your guests intentions with wanting to post and share your day, but thats not why you invited them to come. Their job is to celebrate YOU. To make memories and share laughters with you.

I'm guilty of it too. This was totally me at a wedding. We get caught up in getting an Instagram worthy image of you, the newly weds, that we end up missing all the laughter and happiness around us. Imagine this. We are to busy looking at you walk down the isle through our phones, we are unable to fully witness your big day. All our focus is on getting that shot and not on the smile on your grooms face or how you are glowing from excitement. I want to be apart of real moments and not worry about the social sharing. Your vows are important. Your first kiss is important. Thats why guests are invited. To be witnesses and not to capture these moments. Thats what myself and other photographers are there for.

I want to take that extra job off your guests shoulders and prevent the feeling of needing to watch your special day with phones in the air. I've been there, I'm guilty, we've all done it. Lets be guests at the next wedding we attend and enjoy every moment.

I can't help but include this from a photographers standpoint as well. Have you been to a wedding where some of the guests put their phones up so you have to readjust to see whats going on? Or perhaps have all the phones sticking out in the isle and it becomes a distraction? Theres also that awful Florida sunshine so as well as phones, you get hands in the air trying to shade their phones to see what they are doing. My job, as the hired photographer is to capture the best possible memories. It becomes so difficult to fully capture emotions when my picture is full of everyone else cell phones. I understand that it is completely impossible for a photographer to be everywhere at once and capture every second in every place. However, I don't ever want a couple to feel like they need to rely on guests to capture their wedding day.

As the bride and groom you may have a lot of stress on that day. I want to relieve as much as possible. Put all that stress on me. Take a breath, look at each other and let me worry about capturing it. Take time to talk to your guests, enjoy company and celebrate!

Have you ever gone out to dinner and saw the couple on their phones instead of communicating? Not being on phones allows for a better time. I would hate for you to see everyone on their phones enjoying social media more than celebrating you.

If you do not mind this, then go ahead and hashtag away! Sometimes its completely cute especially when you have a photo booth and everyone gets to share pictures. Maybe just try having an unplugged ceremony if you want the best of both?

I hope I could be helpful and open my heart up about the situation. These are just opinions coming from a photographer and a guest. You are the ultimate decider to have an unplugged or social media filled wedding.

If you are still on the fence whether to have an unplugged wedding, I'd love to hear from you! Lets chat.

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