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Caring for your wedding ring!

Wedding season has officially started! Who's excited? Nervous? Don't be! It will be an amazing day you'll always rememeber.

As a photographer I absolutely love photographing your beautiful ring. The RING is my favorite THING. (I've obviously been reading way to many Dr. Suess books to my toddler.) Just like you get ready for your big day, your ring needs a little pampering also. Here are some tips to keep your ring looking its best for your wedding day and keep is shinning through your wonderful years together.

About a week or two before your wedding, head out to your local jeweler or where you got your ring and get a polishing or cleaning done. Depending on the jeweler this might take a little longer so I recommend asking or calling ahead to make sure you have it on your wedding day. Many jewelers actually

offer free cleanings every 6 months to keep that diamond in tip top shape.

Once your wedding day is over, there are a few things you can do to make sure your ring stays nice and sparkly.

1. Take it off regularly.

I know you probably never want to, but taking it off to do house hold chores or any activity where it might be damaged is a great choice. It might be little things that are easy to miss like playing sports or washing dishes. Sometimes unfiltered water or harsh chemicals may cause your ring to change colors. Anyone else really love cookie dough? This had a point to it, I promise! The dough can leave a film over your ring making it look dull after a while. Its the little things to be aware off that might make your ring start to loose its luster.

2. Be careful with your hands.

If you're anything like me, I have to apply lotion or sunscreen to myself often. Every time you do, make sure to take your ring off. I am super guilty of this one because I forget. Your ring becomes a part of you and I'm sure you hardly notice it (unless you forget to put it back on and suddenly you feel naked without it). Take off your ring now and check under the diamond, do you see that? Most rings have a little "breathing" hole under it! Things like lotion may get clogged in there and cause discoloring. I always saw my mom soaking her rings and gently scrubbing them with a tooth brush to get gunk out. They always looked great after that!

3. Check out your diamond!

If you are rough with your hands or perhaps even busy at your job, your stone might become loosened. Its recommended that every 6 months you should get your setting checked. Its the perfect time to get it cleaned too! They check to see if your diamond was knocked loose and secure it back in. This is especially important if you have a larger stone.

Taking a few shots of your engagement ring is also a lot of fun during the engagement session. If you can, get it cleaned right before your shoot so its nice and sparkly. I'm sure you want to show it off!

I hope these tips were helpful and if you have any other advice for brides-to-be defiantly leave it below in the comments!