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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Q: How do you create a cohesive feed on Instagram?

A: This is a question I get asked almost everyday and I love it! When you start posting to Instagram it's important to choose specific colors and themes to constantly include in almost all your images. I tend to focus mainly on my greens, blues, whites and pinks. Of course, I include other colors but I stick to the main ones. When I'm editing for Instagram, I have to remember to keep all my greens the same and make sure its bright!

Its not a secret that I love Instagram! I am on it constantly and I get most of my bookings through it. Today, I wanted to show you how you can create a feed that is cohesive and fun!

Here is a quick screenshot of my feed. I try to never let only one image stand out but let everyone see my theme and brand just by scrolling through.

Heres the fun editing part! I don't use any crazy filters or heavily edit. I do all my editing right on Instagram!

The very first thing I do it brighten it right up! All my images are very light so I have to make sure I add that extra exposure to every post.

Doesn't that instantly look so much better? I play with all the other tabs, especially the highlights and shadows to make it fit in with my other posts. In some of my posts, I also might bring down the saturation so its not to bright. I tend to gravitate towards softer colors but this is totally optional to how your feed looks.

I don't think it matters how you edit, but to remember to do the same too all your images!

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