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Is a first look right for you?

Happy blog day everyone!

I love writing these little blog posts every other month to help all the future brides out there. I hope it makes your wedding day a little easier!

So often do I get brides who go back and forth about having a first look on their wedding day. A first look is when you get to see each other on your wedding day before the ceremony! The groom gets to see his bride in her dress for the first time in the most intimate way. I try to encourage my brides to go for a first look but its ultimately your big day and the choice is all yours!

Why you may not want a first look:

-Keep it traditional

A few of my brides have decided to do the big reveal with everyone when she walked down the isle.

-If you don't have a second photographer, capturing both reactions is tricky.

Why a first look may be for you:

-Takes all the pressure off the whole day

Sometimes couples get nervous reading their vows because they are in awe of each other.

-Creates a personal intimate moment

It's just the two of you for a few minuets before you get married.

-A few brides say it was the most special part of their day.

After I capture reactions, I step back and give you privacy. For the rest of the day, you don't get any alone time so this is a perfect moment to so soak it up!

-It creates a more seamless timeline

Theres more time for family formals and photos so you don't need to take them in-between your ceremony and reception! More party time!

I wanted to end this post with Jordyn & Joe's first look because it was truly magical!

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