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Sarah & Justin's Addison Wedding

The 3 of us first met at a coffee shop, which already makes this a perfect story, right? They were the most down to earth and realistic couple! Sarah had a beautiful vision and wanted it to be captured right while Justin just wanted to make her happy.

Fast forward to their wedding day at the Addison in Boca Raton. One of my favorite venues, by the way! Two of Justin's groomsmen came by to say hello and give Sarah a gift. He gave her gorgeous gold earrings she wanted and the sweetest gift? A glass picture of them kissing years ago! Oh my goodness, it was so sweet! They got ready across the venue from each other. The only thing blocking their view, was a gorgeous tree that was the center of the venue.

Their ceremony started right at sunset and the look on Justin's face when he saw his beautiful bride walking down the isle was priceless.

They have 5 children and part of their ceremony included each of them choosing their favorite color sand and pouring it into a glass heart to combine them all together. It was a little tear jerking!

After their ceremony, they had cocktail hour where Sarah showed me their custom drink that was grey like their bridesmaids colors! It was so neat! Heres a quick capture of their love story!