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Reasons why your wedding photographer should be a main priority

You could say that I'm being super bias when I say this, but it is so true! A wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors.

Sometimes I hear friends or new clients tell me they wish they had gotten a better photographer for their special day. This breaks my heart! You should look back at your photos YEARS from now and still get butterflies like you did on your wedding day. It is one of the biggest days of your life and should be captured in the best way possible! Read below to see why it should be your number one priority when making your wedding day plans.

1. They last a lifetime

That one is pretty obvious! Everything from your wedding day eventually fades away. Flowers die, cakes eaten, but your photos are still there! You'll want to make sure every beautiful detail was captured so you can share it with your children, your grandchildren! These photos will be all you have left to remember your day.

2. We know how to capture real moments

Your wedding day goes by so quickly. Everyone is excited and its the big day you've been waiting for. Our job is to make you remember how excited and how joyful you were that day just by simply looking at a photo. A professional photographer knows right when those moments are and how to save that moment in the best way possible.

3. We are professionals

Okay so this one is kind of a given. I hear friends tell me they just let anyone take their wedding photos because it saved them money. It could be the uncle with a good camera or guests with their cell phones! While they can take photos, will they know how to properly do so without ruining your wedding pictures? Sometimes they are blurry or to dark! I've seen them all and I feel terrible for my friends who had to go through that. It is so important to let an experienced photographer capture your wedding the proper way!

Heres some tips on finding the right photographer

-They specialize in weddings.

-Their style makes you excited.

-Their photos match your wedding theme.

-Your personalities match.

-They believe in their photos as much as you do.

-You need to trust that they'll capture your day as you envisioned it.