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Valentine's Day Mini Sessions

Can you feel the love in the air? Or maybe its the cold wind that Florida is starting to feel! Either way, Valentine's Day Minis are back and I can't be more excited!

There are two different sessions to choose from!

We have one just for you couples! Enjoy 30 minuets of snuggling, laughing and forehead kisses while I capture the love between the two of you!

I also have one for the whole family! Need some cuddles with the kids? This one is perfect for everyone!

Spots are limited so leave me an e-mail to schedule your mini session!

Days are filling up quickly so don't wait to long!

I also have a surprise for everyone! I am giving away one FREE Sweetheart Session and one FREE Family session! All you have to do it make sure you're following my Facebook page & my Instagram! Leave a comment letting me know you're following to be entered!

These are everyday in January & select days in February.