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How to Stick to Your Wedding Timeline

How to stick to your wedding timeline

I’m so excited to share with you some helpful tips on sticking to your wedding day timeline!

You only have your photographer for a short amount of time and you have to make the most of it. It’s super easy to go off the scheduled timeline and wonder where your time went. So let’s dive right in!

Getting Ready

This is the hardest part to keep on track. You love your friends and that’s why they are part of your wedding party but sometimes, things can get crazy!

Prepare your bridal party.

Make sure they know your timeline and how long they have to get ready for the day. If you have a large party, this can get tricky. You can print off timelines to give to everyone so they always know what is happening next and where to be. This can easily save a ton of time and create a smoothly running day. I always love to have a little extra time here as well for quick bathroom breaks and freshening up before photos.

Make sure all vendors know your timeline

Sometimes the hair and makeup can run over the normal time allowed and that’s totally okay! They are making sure you are perfect and ready to go but let them know when you have to be ready by. I’ve also ran into the florist not knowing exactly when you need your florals by. Defiantly let them know you’d love to have your bouquet by a certain time if you want them in your bridal photos or wedding party photos.

Late to get dressed

This is one of the biggest timeline mistakes. I love to give my brides at least 30 minuets of time to photograph putting the dress on and other “getting ready” shots. It does not need to take this long however, 9/10 times we forget what time it is and start putting the dress on when it’s time for formal photos.

Ceremony and Family Formal Photos

The ceremony typically always starts on time so the timeline can easily fall back into place around here! What happens after the ceremony needs to be talked about to make sure we allow enough time for everything.

Do you have any special plans after the ceremony?

How long will your ceremony be? Are you having a receiving line? Are you signing the marriage certificate right after the ceremony? These all take up time that needs to be added into your timeline.

Make sure family knows where to be

I like to start the family formals right after the ceremony. Sometimes families like to mingle and congratulate everyone however, we only have a limited of sunlight left. I’ve gone through family formals in 15 minuets and other times it can take an hour. When everyone knows where to go and that they need to be involved, it runs super smoothly and we can head right into your bride & groom photos.

Where is the Reception?

If there is a venue change for the reception, you have to take into consideration the time for travel. I know that one seems obvious, but it can easily be overlooked when you’re busy planning. Make sure vendors know how long it takes and to all be in the same place at the same time.

Other Delays

Bathroom breaks, mother nature, touching up, talking, all these things are normal but when you are limited on time, you have to adjust the timeline to make sure we have time for everyday things.

Helpful hints

*A first look is a huge time saver if you are pushed to get everything done

-Is a first look right for you? Check out this post to see if you’re interested in having one!

*Organization saves a ton of lost time

*Have a backup plan for rain and adjust for those times.

I hope these were helpful as you plan your wedding day timeline. Remember not to stress about it! Perhaps consider hiring a wedding planner to help keep everything on track.