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Brenna & Taylor | The Ringling

This year has been filled with photographing sweet couples and these two are finally making it to the blog. There are not enough kind words to explain how sweet Brenna & Taylor are together and being able to share them with you is a dream come true. We met at the beautiful Ringing Museum in Sarasota, Florida on my birthday. They say when you love your job, you never spend a day working, right? Haha. Getting to run around with them was definitely the best birthday gift!

We explored the area and I couldn't get enough of the pink walls that the museum had. They perfectly matched Brenna's outfit and complimented Taylor's blue shirt. Besides their amazing sense of style, their love for each other stuck out. In between poses, you could just feel their smiles glowing all the way past my camera. I even caught them kissing when not prompted! How could you not feel overly joyful around that?!

B & T, thank you for allowing me to capture you and I can't wait to share some favorites.